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Thunder Asunder

All the world's limbs and words.

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This is a page for Thunder Asunder, a band formed in Massachusetts as the result of a joke band that almost got us beat up regularly.
Now we play a strange kind of music sometimes called "hardcore videogame music" or "miniature synthesizer epics". Whatever you want, we always bring a lot of fun to shows, lightening the mood at hardcore throwdowns and drawing a common ground between fans of different styles.
Aren't we all there for the same reasons anyway? Not to sound like a peace-loving hippie, but friends, good times, and the music are really what drive the best shows.

We consist of:

Ross - Drums, entertainment
Jesse D - Guitar, synth programming
Jesse K - Screaming
Ben - We just recruited the fine Benjamin Mettey as our new bass virtuoso. He's in the process of learning the songs and hopefully will be around for a good long while.

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Testimony of a fan:

Punks like us:
AChokingVictim66: Thunder Asunder aint nothing to fuck with
Everyone loves us:
JustARoundkid455: i enjoyed your band , innovative and fun, when not in fear of my life when Jesse K started kicking things...and people, A+!!

Just to be fair, if you're looking for a reason not to like us, here is an entry by a Roxi Monoxide fan who really didn't enjoy us at a show.