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HOORAH! [Apr. 9th, 2009|03:03 am]
Thunder Asunder


The return of Thunder Asunder is no joke. It's for reals. We played a show. It went over better than any we have played before. We gots mad claps and daps (and faps from a few). We have new equipment, new spirits of jazz, and new leases on life.

Line-up: Ross on drums, Jesse on synth.
Songs: www.myspace.com/thunderasunder

Thazzit. That's all ye needs.

SO! We have a show April 25th in Athol, Return to the Basement, post if curious about details. It's at Joey Berthiaume's house for those in the know. All are welcome, and it's free. Also, the Bynars are playing, and they're really good.

Love and hugs,
-Thunder Asunder